Florida Dispensaries - Purchasing Medical Cannabis

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Post Updated: 05/09/18

As a Florida Medical Cannabis patient, you have several choices available for purchasing medication.  While not all approved Medical Marijuana Treatment Center's (MMTC's) are fully operational, there are multiple companies with physical locations in the Tampa Bay Area and several others who deliver. New dispensaries will be opening across the state in the coming months. You are not limited to one dispensary and may fill your order with as many dispensaries as needed. 

Tips for Your First Purchase

Have a plan - research dispensaries, products, and prices. Take into consideration available discounts and first time offers when planning purchases. We're happy to give suggestions to our patients on where to start. 

Unless you already know what works for you, don't over buy. You can make as many purchases as required during your order period, up to your milligram limit. 

Take your time. When you get to the dispensary notify them that you are first time patient and may need some assistance. Ask questions about the products and available offerings.

Know your prices - to compare prices divide the price of the item by the amount of total milligrams of the product. 

Example:      Trulieve Truclear $60/850mg = $.07/mg
                     Surterra Pure Reserve Oil $65/900 = $.07/mg
                     Curaleaf Indica CO2 Concentrate $30/375 = $.08/mg



Trulieve is Florida’s first fully operating MMTC. Owned and operated by Floridians, Trulieve has multiple locations throughout the state and offers delivery.  Orders can be placed online, in person, or through the call center. Vape cartridges contain MCT oil as a cutting agent. 

Lab reports are available online. 

Multiple locations in the Tampa Bay Area. 


15% off first order
Yearly with card approval - $75 off $150 order
10% off Veterans & SNAP
Truliever Rewards Program - earn 10% off with every 500 points ($1 spent = 1 point) 


$25 State wide 

Product Types: 

Tinctures, vaporizer cartridges & cups, capsules, topical cream, oil syringes,
oral & inhalation concentrate 

Strains (may vary in availability): 

Trulieve has a wide selection of strains across product types. Availability varies. Common strains include 9lb Hammer, Super Sour Diesel, Sunset Sherbet, Chem Dawg, Dogwalker OG, OG Kush, Gorilla Glue #4, Grand Daddy Purple, Dosidos, Trainwreck 

liberty health sciences by aphria


Aphria is an established Canadian cannabis company known for high quality products. They have limited store locations (more opening soon) with free delivery state wide.  Their vaporizer products are free of cutting agents. 


10% Off First Order
10% Off Veterans & Active Military
10% Off Financial Hardship - proof of enrollment in Federal or State public benefits program
Rewards points program
20% Dispensary Deals USA Discount (must order through Dispensary Deals)


Free State wide 

Product Types:

Capsules, oral solutions, vaporizer cartridges & disposable pens, concentrates

Strains (may vary): 

Chemdawg, First 48, Hazeberry/Hawaiian blend, Blue Dream, Jack Frost, Pineapple Express, CBD - AC/DC 



Surterra has physical locations opening across the State, with a location in Tampa near University Mall/USF for those local to our clinic. Surterra is uniquely different from other MMTC's as their main product lines do not stress the importance of cannabis strains. Instead, they formulate their products to target specific conditions & symptoms based off of the CBD to THC ratio and a set profile of natural terpenes. This ratio makes them a great choice for patients new to cannabis. 

New in 2018, Surterra now offers strain based vaporizer products under the Florida Finest label. 

Lab results are available online. 

Surterra is currently the least expensive MMTC in most product categories.  


$50 off $100 order for first time patients
15% Veteran's discount
10% Student discount


$10 State wide


Disposable style vaporizer pens, vape cartridges, tincture oil, lotion, oral sprays, transdermal patches, concentrates (Pure Reserve Oil)


No strain identification in wellness line. Myakka Gold, Tilamook Strawberry in Florida Finest line with more strains coming soon. 


1 (888) 441.5669

Physical stores are available in a few major cities with new locations expected in the coming year.  Like Surterra, Knox also brands their products with alternative names, but strain information is available in product profiles. Their St. Pete location serves the Tampa Bay area.


Free vape pen with first cartridge purchase
20% Veteran's Discount
10% off on Birthday


Free delivery over $250, $25 all other deliveries 

Product Types: 

Tinctures, Vaporizer Cartridges, Topical Cream, Suppositories

Strains (May vary): 

AC/DC (CBD), Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies, OG Kush, Grand Daddy Purple, Sour Diesel, Sensai Skunk, Remedy (CBD).



Now serving our area after the opening of the St. Pete location, Curaleaf has a variety of cannabis products including concentrates. They offer great in store education and guidance. 


$50 off $100 for first time patients
20% off Active Military and Veterans
40% off Pediatric patients
20% off patients receiving financial assistance
10% seniors
Rewards points program for in store check-ins. 


Free for orders over $75

Product Types: 

Vaporizer cartridges and cups, capsules, concentrates, oils, topical creams

Strains (vary):

Sour Diesel, Master Kush, Predator Pink, Orange Blossom, Haleigh's Hope (CBD)  Some products are only labelled sativa, hybrid, indica. 

Grow Healthy


Currently operating via delivery only Grow Healthy offers a limited selection of high quality medicinal cannabis products. 


$75 off first order of $150


Delivery only 

Product Types: 

Vaporizer cartridges, tinctures, concentrates

Strains (vary):

AK-47, Afghan Rubi, Afghani Kush 47, Tijuana, Glass Slipper, Cindy White 

A growing market

Patient dispensary options will continue to expand in Florida over the coming months and years. As we've already seen over the last few months, product choices will increase and prices will decrease as more and more patients join the program. There are other licensed MMTC's who have not yet opened for sales.