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Patient Resource Hub

Cannabis is different than other medications as it puts the you, the patient, in control of your day to day medicine decisions. While this does take some learning and experimentation, most patients overwhelmingly value the sense of empowerment that the flexible nature of cannabis medicine brings into their lives.

Learning about cannabis, how it works, and the products available will help you to focus in your medical cannabis routine and get the best results possible. We’ve created this Patient Hub as a comprehensive resource to assist you in this process. Please bookmark it and come back to it as needed.



Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers are charged with growing, manufacturing, and selling cannabis medicines to Florida patients. Available medications, strains, and delivery methods vary by individual MMTC company.


Learning as much as you can about medical cannabis is integral to success as a cannabis patient. From our favorite books to our favorite recipes, we’ve rounded up some of the best cannabis resources just for you.

Florida medical marijuana use registry

The Medical Marijuana Use Registry is the hub of the State program. Here you can access the State Card application, view your medication orders, and track medication purchases. Access to the registry is granted at your initial appointment. Your login is the email address you provided when booking.