Resource Round Up: A Florida Medical Cannabis Patient Guide

For patients with chronic illness it's a common experience to sometimes (or often) feel like things are out of one's control. The never ending cycle of symptoms, medications, side effects, doctors orders, pharmacy lines, lab tests,  flare's exhausting. One of the things that is refreshing about the world of medical cannabis is this - you are largely in control of your treatment. It's an experience different from all others. For many patients this is freeing and empowering, but truth be told - it can also be a bit overwhelming. Our doctor and staff will work with you to find your optimal treatment, but the more active role you take in the process, the better the results you will see. This guide is written to help take away some of the overwhelm and give you a starting place for learning about medical cannabis. 

It's split into a few sections - Florida Medical Cannabis Program, Medical Cannabis 101, and Community & Support. I'd suggest bookmarking it and slowly work your way through each section as you move along your cannabis journey. 

Florida Medical Cannabis Program

How to Submit Your Florida Medical Cannabis Card Application  
This post will walk you through the process of submitting your State card application, both online and paper methods. Tips & troubleshooting included! 

Understanding Your Medical Cannabis Recommendation 
Florida's Medical Cannabis program operates in a way that is best described as a middle ground between a traditional prescription, and medical cannabis states like Colorado or Michigan. Read this post thoroughly as this information is essential for purchasing your medication. 

Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use
Official website of the OMMU including patient & physician information, guides, and updates. 

Medical Marijuana Use Registry Login 
Manage your State application and review your active recommendations. 

Florida Medical Cannabis Clinic FAQ
Our FAQ covers both our clinic as well as the Florida Medical Cannabis program in general. 

Learn about Florida's dispensing Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers.

9 Florida Medical Marijuana Strains

While new strains have become available since this was written, this post breaks down some of the most common medical cannabis strains found in Florida. 

Medical Cannabis 101

General Resources  

Leafly is a comprehensive resource for all things cannabis. Most recognized for their strain database, this is the place to go to look up which strains work best for which ailments. They also have a superb video and blog library full of cannabis information.
Created by cannabis physician Dr. Dustin Sulak, is a must visit for all cannabis patients. Providing your email address will give you free access to a variety of cannabis related courses including how to find your optimal dose, strategies for non-psychoactive use, and managing tolerance. He also provides videos demonstrating other holistic healing techniques. 

NORML Marijuana Research Library
Health reports, survey & poll data, and information on legalization, NORML has served as a clearinghouse of marijuana related information for 40 years. 

Cannabis Pharmacy: The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana by Michael Backes
An easy to read comprehensive introduction into medical cannabis including ailment specific chapters with treatment recommendations. 

Cannabis Revealed: How the World's Most Misunderstood Plant is Healing Everything from Chronic Pain to Epilepsy by Bonni Goldstein M.D. 
My personal favorite, this book explains (and backs it up with citations on each chapter) in an easy to understand detail. 

Cannabis Health Index: Combining the Science of Medical Marijuana with Mindfulness Techniques to Heal 100 Chronic Symptoms and Diseases by Uwe Blesching, PhD
A little more difficult to read, this book is best for those with an inner science geek. It overlaps cannabis science and research with mindfulness based practices to assist with true holistic healing. 


Choosing the Right Medical Marijuana Delivery Method 
Sativa vs Indica: What's the Difference 
Cannabinoids 101: What Makes Cannabis Medicine

Community & Support

Connecting to others on this path has so many benefits - sharing what works, what doesn't work, product reviews, heads up on discounts and specials, even friendship, and support from others who just 'get it'; online patient groups can be absolutely invaluable for healing.

Patients First: A Florida MMJ Working Group (Facebook) 
By far my favorite group, Patients First is a collaboration between patients, caregivers, Veterans, and dispensaries involved with medical cannabis in Florida. A quickly growing (private) group, with an admin who really cares, this is the place to exchange information and connect with likeminded patients. 

Cannabis/Medical Marijuana (Facebook) 
A large, world wide group this group doesn't have the same level of interpersonal support or Florida focus as Patients First, but it can be a great place for general information on cannabis. 

Florida Medical Cannabis Clinic Support Group (Facebook)***
Coming Soon for Florida Medical Cannabis Clinic Patients

Community Events
One of the benefits of joining some of the above groups is that you will quickly be connected to the various cannabis events throughout the state. Advocacy meetings,  patient education, and networking events; there is always something happening in the Florida cannabis community. Also be sure to follow our Facebook page, as Dr. Scott and Kristina regularly hold free workshops in the community. 

We hope this helps as you experiment and learn about medical cannabis. As always, if you ever have questions for us - just ask!